Friday, April 17, 2009

The Books Out

Rules of Thumb (the book) officially hits the book stores on April 21, so the last few days have been chock full of activity designed to get the book off to a fast start. (Apparently books and movies now play by similar rules: the moguls pay attention to the opening weekend box office results to predict how the audience will respond. This despite my deep conviction--and I suspect proven fact--that nobody really knows why or how a book or a movie finds its audience--or the audience finds the book or movie.
But I digress. If you want to see an example of a guest blog that I've written, check out:
It's my first guest blog and I'm told it will be up over the week end. Let me know what you think--I hope it not only presents the book well, but also has merit on its own as a short piece of writing.
In other news: a few months ago I contributed the introductory essay to a collection of pieces on the U.S.-Cuba relationship. It was clear to me, just from reading the official documents and reports that have been drafted over the years that U.S. policy toward Cuba has been a monumental failure. A failure and in many respects a self-defeating piece of pretzel logic.
Today comes news that the U.S.-Cuba relationship is moving from thaw to full-fledged melt. There may even be diplomacy happening between the two in a matter of a week.
All of which leads to today's rule of thumb, or quote of thumb, borrowed from Ernest Hemingway, whose writing digs are preserved in Cuba as a museum. In a memorable line, one of Papa's characters describes how he went broke: "First gradually, then suddenly."
It's an apt description--a rule of thumb--of how change comes, once it comes.

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