Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Rules of Thumb Visits Big Think. That said, the more I think about Rules of Thumb, the more I think the ideas in it aren't so much big as useful, insightful, and derived from real experience. Not sure if that qualifies as "big"--in fact, I'm not sure I trust "big ideas" these days, if "big" means "one size fits all," or "silver bullet," or "this is the next big thing." Maybe one of the lessons of the Big Meltdown is that we need a series of smaller ideas that have been road-tested and reality-driven before we apply them to work, finance, and personal affairs. Any way, it's another way to think about thinking big versus thinking real.

How can we conceive of alternatives to work?

When will we have web 3.0?

How can Americans be more globally minded?

What do we need to be talking about as people?

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