Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Terri Lonier Review of Rules

Terri Lonier was one of the early adopters of Fast Company. When the magazine first came out, she got it--she knew it would help people who were "soloists"--people working as entrepreneurs, as "free agents", as independent contractors in the world of work, which was changing to rely more and more on people who wanted to be able to call their own shots and define their own career path. Terri became their advocate and guide, a trusted source of ideas and practical tips on how to navigate in the rapidly evolving world of soloists. Well, it's been a few years (ok, more than a few) and the good news is, she's stuck with it, held true to her own star, and is still the trusted source of information for millions of free agents. Now she's turned her discerning eye to Rules of Thumb; you can read her review by Clicking Here.

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