Monday, July 27, 2009

Thanks, Slalom Consulting

One of the best parts of what happens after you write a book is that it becomes an excuse to go out and meet people. The book, as my friend Seth Godin reminds me, is simply an occasion--it's what provides the opportunity for the interaction. What's always fun and surprising are the people you meet and the experiences that happen as a consequence of the book. Last week my friends at Kim Ricketts Book Events in Seattle arranged a chance for me to speak at the quarterly meeting of Slalom Consulting. I had a phone call to chat before I went to Seattle, a chance to sit down before the talk and visit with the leaders of the firm, and then I gave a talk to about 200+ very bright, very talented, very energetic consultants from Slalom. This is a firm that is out to do consulting differently: they get the idea that "the soft stuff is the hard stuff." By making work-life conditions for the consultants a top priority, the firm attracts talented men and women who want to do good work and have a good life--and don't see why they have to give up one to get the other. I spoke for about 40 minutes, talking about some of the lessons from Rules of Thumb, answered questions for another 20 minutes or so, and then signed books--and got to chat with Slalom folks as they brought up their books for me to sign.
I had a fantastic time, met great people, and came away thinking that there are places where the sub-title of Rules is already being practiced: they know how to win at business without losing themselves!
Thanks, Slalom!

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