Saturday, July 11, 2009

"Tom Peters Re-Mix"?

File it under "you can't win'em all." Since Rules came out, I've been gratified by the feedback I've gotten (This is a good time to say "thank you" to the bloggers, tweeters, emailers, and others who've gotten in touch to tell me that they really like the book. Consider yourselves thanked!) In fact, the response has been so uniform that I began to take it for granted--big mistake! Yesterday I got a review of the book that is, at best, luke-warm. It's a "Tom Peters re-mix" and only worth a handful of yellow stickies marking new and interesting points raised in the book. Not enough aha's, said the review. And the writing, well, it's far from brilliant--mostly serviceable.
Fair enough. I appreciate the time spent reading it, even if it wasn't this reviewers cup of tea. And since I posted all the positive reviews, I figured, fair is fair, I'll post this one. You can read it (here):

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