Friday, August 28, 2009

Chris Brogan Meets Red Auerbach

I woke up at 6 am today to get ready for a 6:30 am radio interview. That's early for me. But it meant that I was at my computer at 6:15 am checking my email. The in-box was exploding with messages filled with exclamation points! (Like that one.)
The basic message was, Have you seen what Chris Brogan said about your book! Chris Brogan just wrote the most amazing post about your book! Chris Brogan absolutely hit a home run for your book!
So I went to see what Chris said. It was amazing. It was generous. It was off the charts. (I've put a link to Chris's blog at the bottom of this piece.) You can read it by clicking (here)
But what's really amazing is that Chris is in the throes of his own white-hot book launch. His book, "Trust Agents" is busting to the top of the charts, #1 on every relevant Amazon list, blasting onto the NYT best seller list, rocketing in demand in every market.
And he's got the time to write about my book?
Never mind the fact that we've never met. Never mind the fact that he's already reviewed it when it first came out. Here's a writer, thinker, speaker, blogger, you-name-it-he-does-it guy who has the mental and emotional bandwidth to reach out to me while he's at one of the hottest moments in his already hot career.
It makes me think of Rule #53, the Red Auerbach management principle: Loyalty is a two-way street.
We live in a world where trust, respect and reciprocity are all the coin of the realm.
We need to create an economy of increasing returns, an economy of gifts, as Lewis Hyde writes in his amazing book, "The Gift."
We need to look out for each other, build on each other, contribute to each other.
That's the way Red Auerbach built the Boston Celtics in their glory days. Loyalty, Red told me, is a two way street. If you want your team to be loyal to you, you have to be loyal to them. You have to reward contribution, not just the highest scorer.
The same thing applies to the message Chris is sending out--a message that's bigger and more important than anything he says specifically about my book. It's the way he is building his own work life, his career, and even more important, his community of friends, fans, and supporters.
I woke up this morning to learn a lesson from Chris that I'd already written in my own book.
It's always better when someone reads what you've written, and then plays it back to you.
Thanks, Chris! You not only wrote Trust Agents, you are one.
You can read Chris's post by clicking (here)

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