Thursday, February 4, 2010

Apologies to One and All . . .

. . . for my prolonged absence from my own blog! Nothing worse than an absentee landlord.
Now, where were we?
Since last we spoke, I've been kind of busy. An amazing trip to Germany to spend a couple of days with Muhammad Yunus and a full complement of Grameen-related enterprises--60 companies in all--eager to learn more about the concept of social business. (And then, not long ago, I got a sneak peak at Dr. Yunus' next book that goes deeply into his idea for social businesses). From there to India for a 3 week exploration of Southern India--my first trip to that amazing country. In 3 weeks you get to see both a little and a lot. I got to see some fascinating social enterprises, such as FabIndia, a brilliant company that produces great Indian clothing and supports the poor and talented villagers who are working to produce the material for the clothing. But I came home knowing that 3 weeks only scratches the surface of a country like India. I made it to New York for FrED--the maiden voyage of a creative conference on executive development and leadership for an era characterized by VUCA (tip of the hat to Bob Johansen): Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity. Later, I was back in NYC for a series of meetings with old and dear and brilliant friends like Seth Godin (congrats on the new book, Linchpin--another sparkling contribution to creative thinking and individual purpose) and Steve Rosenbaum (pushing the frontiers of the web and video). Plus a dinner with Roger Black, who is always thinking new thoughts about design. Then out to San Francisco for meetings on the next FrED, a chance to tour Lick-Wilmerding, one of America's most amazing schools led by the charismatic Al Adams, and stimulating conversations with some of the Bay Areas most intriguing thinkers on strategy, design, and social change.
But my real mission: working on a business plan for the long-awaited social entrepreneurship project that has gone by various code names: Blue Letter and The Turnaround Society.
Stay tuned for more blogs--comments on the news, updates on Rules of Thumb (the Japanese version is about to make its premiere thanks to Ichi), and the very much work in progress!

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