Friday, February 5, 2010

Finding Your Voice

Here's a thought about a candidate for Rule #53: If you want to find your own voice, it helps if you start singing! Take my friend Todd Sattersten, for example. ( Brilliant guy. Incredible synthetic mind. Great capacity to read and understand and then re-contextualize all kinds of business ideas. But up until recently he's been working as a voice coach (it's a metaphor--he's been an editor and promoter of other people's writing) and not as a singer of his own material. Then this week, he releases a unique e-book, his own reflections on margins, prices, value, business models. It goes viral. He gets tons of feedback. Hears from people all over the web. A star is born!
What's the lesson? Sing your own song. (Yes, it's right and good and worthy to be generous, no question. And to pay your dues by standing in the wings til you're ready.) But most of us are ready before we know we're ready. So start singing--or writing, dancing, designing, creating. Get your own ideas, words, images, creations out on stage. See what the world thinks. Then do it again.
If you want to find your own voice, you have to start singing--sooner or later.
Way to go, Todd!

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