Sunday, February 7, 2010

Got Art?

I opened up my copy of the New York Times yesterday, and there was the Arts section!
What was remarkable about that? Well, if the NYT were America's public schools, there wouldn't be an Arts section--it would have been eliminated long ago because of budget constraints. But there it was, a whole separate section, devoted just to the arts. Remarkable!
A cynic would say that it's still there because there's advertising to support it. But the Times has eliminated a whole variety of offerings, even those where there's arguably advertising support. So something else is going on here.
That something else is the essential quality of art to our lives.
Take a look around whatever room you're sitting in right now. What do you see? Any paintings, photographs, pieces of pottery, prints? How about a CD collection or DVDs? Now imagine your room with all those artistic expressions removed--and what are you left with? Pretty bland, pretty boring, pretty empty. If Jung was right, and the house is a symbol for ourselves, there's a reason why we bring art into our homes. It makes all the difference in the world. It turns a house into a home, it turns an existence into a life.
So put a little life into your life: get art!
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