Friday, March 12, 2010

Go Tom Go!

There is only one Tom Peters!
Actually, one is enough! As long as it is the original Tom! Accept no substitutes!
(Why all the exclamation points? Because that's how Tom talks! It's how he writes! It's how he lives! Show up full of energy! Give it your all! All the time!)
Just got my hands on Tom's new book: The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence.
I can't wait to dig in, to savor all that Tom Peters raw unadulterated smart-as-a-whip, I-wish-I'd-thought-of-that energy and insight.
For as long as I've known Tom (full disclosure: Tom was one of the first-round investors in Fast Company; in fact, it was his phone call to me, out of the blue, one Friday evening after a dis-spirited week of trying to get the magazine going, that lifted my weary spirit. The call went something like this: "Webber! It's Tom Peters! I've just read your business plan for Fast Company! We've got to do this! We absolutely have got to do this! The world needs this! I'm in!" Talk about getting a lift.) he has combined an insatiable appetite for information, insight, and innovation with a willingness to talk with everybody and anybody who's doing anything cool.
And then think about it with that amazing brain of his, and re-frame it in a way that brings it smack dab down to earth in a way that's useful and fundamentally human.
There is only one Tom Peters!
Here's to the one and only!
Keep on truckin' Tom!
We need you!

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